6 Surprising Orgasm Facts You Didn’t Know! Yes! Yes! YES!

1. It takes women 10 to 20 minutes, on average, to climax during foreplay.

So next time he’s being hasty, whip out this factoid and tell him to get to business.

2. Single women achieve an orgasm with a regular partner 62% of the time.

Not bad, but *could be better*

3. Lesbian women orgasm 13.1% more often than straight women.

Duh! Who else knows a woman better than a woman?

4. 11% of women climax the first time they sleep with a new partner.

For many women, reaching an orgasm takes time and patience; two things not normally associated with first-time encounters. At least it’s a good argument to give it a second try.

5. 67% of women report climaxing regularly six months into a relationship.

You got it down by then.

6. 67% of women say they’ve faked it at least once: WHY?

* 78% say to “avoid negative consequences” like upsetting their partner

* 61% say to end faster

* 47% say to get a “positive consequence” like pleasing their partner

* 25% say because their partner was unskilled