While only a quarter of women say they consistently orgasm through intercourse, research has shown that it’s naturally easier for some women than others thanks to weird factors like the distance between your vagina and your clitoris. Sure, you can’t suddenly alter your vaginal-clitoral ratio, but you can try some new moves to increase the odds you’ll have an orgasm the next time you have sex.

That’s why we asked real women to share their favorite orgasming tips based on what works for them. Here’s the best of the best:

“Foreplay first”

“Foreplay first is important; it takes me longer to orgasm with penis-in-vagina intercourse, so giving me a head start before the real action gets going increases the odds of me orgasming from penetration. And, aside from that, it’s all about the G-spot, and positions that help stimulate it are key.” —Ana, 25

“Rubbing against my clit”

“Either coincidental rubbing against my clit (because of how he moves his body) or that oh-so-sexy feeling of his balls swinging against me works!” —J., 23

“Ballet barre and pilates”

“I didn’t have a vaginal orgasm until I started doing ballet barre and Pilates regularly! And then: bam! It happens almost every time! I think the exercises have strengthened my pelvic floor and it’s resulted in better sex. Who knew exercise was good for you in the sack?” —L.B., 34

“Using a vibrator”

“I get off from having an orgasm via clit stimulation first (like from a vibrator) while having penetrative sex, and then continuing penetration in a different position. Works every time!” —Ashley, 27

“Coming before the penis enters”

“Being really wet and coming before his penis enters my vagina makes me more able to come again.” —Tamar, 32

“Squeeze the walls of your vagina”

“Squeeze the walls of your vagina in and up simultaneously. If you have the benefit of a gym, go try a few reps on the ‘captain’s chair’—the sensation is similar. It may even make you orgasm (yes, at the gym).” —Kristin, 30

“A penis ring”

“A penis ring is a surefire way to add clitoral stimulation to an activity that too often lacks it.” —Hayley, 25

“My legs over his shoulders”

“For me, on my back with my legs over his shoulders is like opening the front door to my G-spot. Instant orgasm.” —Sarah, 30

“If he holds still”

“It has to be him on top to achieve the angle at which I’m getting consistent clitoral stimulation and controlling that stimulation. I do most of the grinding, and it’s actually better if he holds still. Having a penis in my vagina seems to help, but too much thrusting and I lose my rhythm, so usually I just tell him not to move.” —Cordelia, 30