A MIDLANDS State University student’s relationship with an alleged gold dealer, commonly known as mukorokoza, has ended in nasty revenge.

Andile Muza says she endured all kinds of abuse at the hands of her ex-boyfriend Kudakwashe Manyuchi who blackmailed her by exposing her pictures.The pictures of Andile have gone viral on social media after her ex-boyfriend threatened her with the move on several occasions.In some of the pictures Andile appears lying on a bed with wads of 100 United States dollar notes tucked in her privates and panties.


According to reports, Kuda would buy expensive gifts for Andile and recently he had bought her a car.When Andile recently decided to end things with Kuda, her pictures were leaked and they have gone viral on social sites.

Speaking to H-Metro, Andile said she is ‘dying’ of shame after ditching her boyfriend.“It all started late last year when I wanted to break up with him, he showed me my pictures saying he would expose them if I ended the relationship with him.“For a couple of months, I lived in fear and put up with him just for the pictures, he gave me an assurance that he was going to delete them and I trusted him.


“A few weeks later, he cheated on me and I wanted out of the relationship for good and again he showed me the pictures, I felt used because I couldn’t stand up to him and eventually gave up.

“I have been dying of shame ever since the pictures leaked, I know I made a right choice to walk out on him and I know people will judge me but soon forget about the pictures and I will still walk with my head up on campus,” she said.She claimed she left Kuda well aware of his intentions to expose her.

“I had no option but to let go of Kuda who had turned so abusive, he would label me with all sort of tag names, treat me like a cheap cloth and insult me over the phone.“I still have some of his recorded insults, I could not take it anymore and eventually left him knowing that he was going to leak the pictures like he always said.

“The pictures were even taken without my concern because I always asked him how he took them but he never told me,” narrated Andile.She denied ever driving a car bought by Kuda.

“Kuda never bought me any car, in fact I don’t even have a driver’s licence. He only bought his first car a few months ago.“Those are just rumours of people spicing up the story,” she said.

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