A cop named Cst Ncube Nqobani of ZRP Pfupajena which is in Chegutu was caught yesterday naked inside a with a business man’ s house sleeping with business man’s wife.

Sources are saying that the cop was on standby duties together with Sgt Nyamuzihwa as the duty member , Cst Marumisa ,Cst Matsina and Cst Wache on the 27th day of June 2016 .It is said that at around 2100 hours Cst Ncube teamed up with Cst Wache and went to Blue Chip Bar at a nearby growth point and started drinking beer where the businessman’s wife was the bar lady in her husband’s beerhall. It is also said Cst Ncube and the wife had been having a secret affair for a long period of time so he took advantage that the business man was away and went to the house with the wife.police

Further more at around 2300 hours an unknown person tipped off the businessman’s brother named Tafanana who quickly went to his brother’s home and found the two in blankets naked and all asleep. It is said that Cst Ncube was taken naked pictures before he ran away leaving his uniforms, dockets and his laptop. The bcase was reported to the police who went and collected the uniforms and all that he left.


CST Ncube is still missing up to now.

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