Sally my wife was giving me hard time on the phone because it was 11 pm and I was stuck on the M1 motorway still about 150 miles from home. I work away during the week and should in theory leave at lunchtime on Friday to get home at a reasonable time for the start of the weekend. I was held up by a late meeting and then hit the 10 mile tailback of traffic I was still in 3 hours later.

Our wedding anniversary was on Saturday and Sally had persuaded her sister to take our kids until Sunday evening. Friday was meant to be the start of a couple days and nights of eating out and of hot sexual experimentation since Sally’s new found enthusiasm for sex.

To make matters worse the next-door neighbours’ teenage kids were having a typically raucous party with music blaring and car doors slamming. Sally told me she was not going to wait up for me and not to disturb her when I eventually got home. So while I sat in traffic needing an urgent comfort break Sally rang off and started to get ready for bed.

The noise next door was keeping Sally awake and it was a warm summer night and a storm felt close which as she was terrified of them didn’t make it any easier to sleep. She was also feeling horny as she had spent the afternoon thinking up things to do to me when I got home. Sally decided to try masturbating as this used to help her get to sleep when she was younger.

We had planned to buy some sex toys this weekend as part of our experiments but for now Sally would just have to use her fingers. She slipped her knickers off and gently began rubbing the palm of her hand over her shaven mound. She liked the pressure to gradually build up and started squeezing her breasts with the other hand. Sally has lovely fleshy 34DD tits with large dark nipples which she loves having teased until they are hard.

Sally began to think of her favourite fantasy as her fingers found her clitoris and started a small circling motion. She imagined being laid on a bed with two men kissing a caressing her while they slowly undressed her. They would fondle her breasts and kiss her naked body one would move between her legs place his mouth on her pussy lips and begin to prise them apart with his tongue. The other lover would kiss and tease her nipples and guide her hands to his engorged penis.

Sally’s breath was coming faster now and her fingers were working faster on her clit, she moved her hand down from her breasts and pushed two fingers into her now slippery vagina. As she slid her fingers in and out she managed to rub the area between her pussy and her arsehole with her other fingers. She liked the sensation and could feel her juices leaking from her pussy and running down towards her tight puckered ring. Sally could feel an orgasm building up and slowed slightly to make the sensations longer and hopefully stronger.

Outside there was a sudden crash which jolted Sally back to reality robbing her of the pleasure she now needed. Sally sat up thinking the storm was beginning and decide to take a quick look outside. There was no rain yet and the sky although dark and menacing did not have any signs of lightning flashes. Sally eyes began to get accustomed to the gloom and she saw the reason for the noise, one of the fence panels had fallen into the garden. She could see a couple of shapes that appeared to be rolling about on the lawn.

Sally realised that the kids next door had fallen through the fence, not thinking she grabbed her robe and ran downstairs and out onto the patio. Her anger and frustration was going to be taken out on the trespassers. She shouted at the pair of teenagers that were not just rolling around but were actually fucking each other.

The pair jumped up and ran through the gap in the fence and Sally followed them. As Sally reached the neighbours house the teenage daughters came out and began apologising profusely. The younger of the two girls looked dishevelled and Sally realised she was one of the pair making out on our lawn. The girls promised that a couple of the young lads would fix the fence panel back in place and called them over.

Sally led the way back and the lads introduced themselves as Ricky and James. Sally supervised the lads putting the fence panel back in a caught a glimpse of their tight stomach muscles as they lifted the panel high into position. The fence panel was proving awkward to replace and so Sally reached up to guide it in as she did this her robe rose up to the cheeks of her bare arse. She didn’t realise this was happening as both guys took a good long look at her naked backside.

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