Patience Mhlolo bashed & left naked with No pant by Munya ‘s wife and 2 other women at Herald House!

Patience Mhlolo was bashed at herald house and left stuck naked.She was left naked with No pant by Munya ‘s wife and other 2 women who also claimed she has affair with their husbands. Patience Mhlolo

It’s claimed the furious ladies sprayed hair remover all over her body and Patience had to call her husband to bring her clothes to wear. It’s really bad hey…hanzi she’s been sleeping around with her male work-mates so their wives teamed up to punish her..

She got promoted and was getting favors from the men.These are her bosses at the same work place. It’s very unprofessional really. It’s taints the image of the organization as well as the employees themselves.





Patience Mhlolo


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