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Do you see sexual intimacy as your right? If you feel it’s your spouse’s duty to give you pleasure, you’ve defeated your relationship from the get-go.

Genesis 2 makes it clear that God created woman for joy and companionship with her husband.

Sexual relations are intended for pleasure, fun and closeness, as well as for procreation 

Many people grow up with vague impressions instilled by their parents’ often unspoken attitudes. These concepts vary from believing sex is bad or dirty and that “men want only one thing” to the opposite extreme. Whatever your preconceived notions about sex are, set them aside to discover the truth, renew your minds and beliefs from Scripture.
– Resolve all conflicts promptly To avoid that regular clinging to the sides of the bed, stop fighting in the kitchen! When you do have disagreements, settle them swiftly.
– Express simple affection

Many individuals have told me they hesitate to show affection to their spouses for fear it will trigger immediate sexual demands. This should change.

A warm embrace, gentle kiss, or playful tickling shouldn’t always prompt intercourse. When this expectation of instant sex becomes an ingrained habit, one spouse is likely to recoil from any touching.

Some individuals desire sexual intimacy more frequently than others. This makes it necessary for each couple to sit down and discuss the frequency of sexual relations in their marriage.

Sex tips for a Christian marriage
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