Steph and I have been married for more years than I care to remember. It’s not derogatory my statement, just that my life without her doesn’t exist as we have literally done everything together. We not only have a strong loving relationship, but we have until recently, had the most fantastic sex life. In the early years of our marriage, we both took part in a lot of swinging, as was the trend of the day. Steph has watched me fuck lots of different ladies and I have watched her taking quite a lot of cock. She would always try to re-assure me afterwards that the big cock she just fucked was no different to my less than average helping, but there was no denying her movement, moaning and intensity whenever a large cock was pounding into her.

We have been very adventurous in sex life with Steph having her navel and nipples pierced, long before it became socially acceptable. At the swinging parties we attended,

Steph was never short of male attention and in some cases female attention. Her huge firm breasts with her nipple jewellery, which sits on the best nipples in history.

Her aureole is very large with the nub of her nipples being almost half an inch in length when fully erect, which due to the piercings is almost constant. There would always be a long queue forming at the table occupied by Steph if she was wearing anything revealing, showing off those fabulous tits.

Guys would be fascinated at her gravity defying tits with added jewellery, and would sidle up to her and gently stroke and play with her ample breasts. She is very sensitive in the breast region and this would have her squirming with delight in no time.

There were times I could hear her moans of passion above the music as she would lean back in her seat and let the men devour her beautiful breasts.

The number of times I’ve enjoyed the wonderful view of watching Steph become aroused from the endless male attention and seeing first hand her devouring a huge cock with sexual relish.

The ecstatic look on her face as the huge pole would separate her tight pussylips as she would slide down the length as the guys played with her sensational breasts.

There was one time we were at a swing club with Steph wearing only Garters, stockings and very high heels. Her gravity defying breasts were in full view as was her newly shaved smooth pussy. She had hardly removed her coat when this alpha male approached her and whispered something in her ear. I never heard what the guy said but she giggled and stroked his cheek with her long manicured nails.

They sat on one of the love seats and took up a seat nearby and engaged with a very sexy young blonde lady. The guy Steph was entertaining was working her breasts and pussy to a frenzy as I could hear the squelching of his fingers invading her smooth pussy.

Steph was panting uncontrollably as she removed his cock from his trousers. I clearly heard the gasp as she unleashed his huge cock from its restraints. She looked down at the veined monster in her hand and moved her ruby red lips over the enlarged glans. The guy began talking softly almost whispering, giving her words of encouragement as she hungrily devoured his massive cock.

“Yeah babe you like this big thing don’t you?” he spoke gently yet authoritatively.

Steph moaned with the huge cock stretching her mouth, and somehow managed to muster the words.

“I fucking love it”

I was a little shocked at my wife’s sexual abruptness, but I was also strangely aroused at the feeling of her impeding infidelity and her choice of words.