It’s widely known that men find it easier to orgasm than women.

And a recent study, by Indiana University, found that 85% of men thought their partner had orgasmed when in fact only 64% of women had.

So while you think you’re pleasing her she might actually be putting on a show – and this needs to stop.

To help boost your sex life and hers, we’ve put together five of the best positions to help her reach climax every time.

1. Girl on Top

This position, also known as The Cowgirl, allows her to have the most control of her orgasm.

She can move as fast or slow as she likes and the depth of the motion is also up to her.

It allows easy access to her clitoris, which means you can help her reach orgasm with your fingers as well.

This is also one of the best sex positions for burning calories and is a great workout for her calfs and quads.

2. Spooning

This is the perfect position for a lazy Sunday morning session.

It concentrates on stimulation of the front of the vagina, which is where the most nerves are located – meaning it’s more pleasurable for her.

3. Doggy Style

A recent Ann Summer survey found that doggy style is Britain’s favourite position – and with good reason.

It’s a great position for the woman because it allows her to have optimal control.

She is able to adjust her range of motion for an angle that feels best for her.

This is also a good position for stimulating the G-spot, while still allowing access to her clitoris.

4. Scissors

This position sees the woman with her legs either side of the man’s legs so they couple are forming a giant X and their torsos are away from each other.

It is great for clitoral stimulation and because your bodies aren’t against each other there is plenty of room for you to reach down and rub her clitoris.

Since this is the most common way women reach the big-O it’s pretty important.

5. Missionary

It might seem boring, but it’s the nation’s second favourite sex position with 21% of people polled saying it was their preferred move.

And according to sex experts, women get the most pleasure out of the standard position.

Women surveyed said they loved the closeness and the intimacy of having their partner’s weight on them.

But, according to sex experts, it’s best to go at it diagonally as it maximises clitoral stimulation