When it comes to sex, we’re big supporters of breaking out of the bed. But some couples can take things just a bit too far, getting it on in some super crazy—and totally grody—locales. Here are 10 of the weirdest, grossest, and most inappropriate places people have been caught doing the nasty.

1.A Salt Lake City church saw some action during a wedding ceremony. Specifically, two old jailbirds having sex right outside it — which was apparently witnessed by no less than four children. Welcome to the birds and the bees, kids!

2. Voyeurism doesn’t stop when you’re in the Early Bird Special stage of life. A 68-year-old woman and her 49-year-old boyfriend were caught having sex in the public square of a retirement community in (where else?) Florida.

3. A trial in Genoa, Italy came to a halt when the prosecutor heard strange noises. The tension in the courtroom was clearly too much for two court administrative staff, who were having sex in an office next to the court. Oh, and one of them was married. BONK BONK.

4. St. Patrick’s Day has long been an excuse for the nation’s youth to get drunk and make mistakes. This one involves two college-aged people in Delaware who did it up against a Dumpster in a parking lot behind a Dunkin’ Donuts. I hope their first time was as special as they wanted it to be.

5. A U.K. couple was thrown out of a McDonald’s for stripping down in the eatery’s bathroom—and moaning and groaning for all to hear. We don’t know about you, but we’d rather take our golden fries and bounce. Mickey D’s bathrooms? So not sexy.

6. A Texas couple decided that the best thing to do after being arrested for possessing illegal substances would be to get busy, natch. Even though she was handcuffed, the woman in question unzipped her man’s pants and started giving him a BJ right then and there. Bold.