Tricks Couples Use To Keep Their Sex Lives Hot

Monogamy can be boring, but not if you add some spicy tricks to your repertoire.

#1 Switch It Up

Switch up your positions and alter your routine, because the same old, same old becomes boring, boring.

#2 Get Dressed Like Before Marriage

Get out of those sweats and dress up like you used to when you went on a date.

#3 Get Wet

Take it to the shower and add some slippery, soapy goodness to your sex life.

#4 Talk Dirty

Talking dirty to each other, is a sure way to get things going.

#5 Back Rubs

Add some delicious back rubs to your foreplay.

#6 Set The Mood

Light some candles, put on some music, and wear something sexy.

#7 Leave Your Friends And Family Behind

Shut off your phone, go away, have an escape from everyone and from your regular life.