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Turning a man on and making him desire you is simple, if you know the rules. Find out the little things that can make a big difference in bed, for you and your man. So what do men like in bed? Find out here.

Every man has his own wants and desires in bed.

But there are a few things that all men like in bed, with no exclusions.

What do men like in bed

Having a great time in bed isn’t just about what a woman does to a man, but how the experience turns out.

Use these pointers and your quickie shagathons will turn into horny marathons in no time.

So what do men like in bed and what do they want in a woman? Well, find out…

A woman who can communicate her needs

As a relationship grows, you may start to expect a lot from your man, especially in bed.

But you have to remember that your man is not telepathic. He seriously can’t read your mind.

At times, especially while trying new things in bed, you really have to communicate with your man and tell him exactly what you want.

Holding his head and maneuvering it under the sheets in a dark room would just confuse your man.

If you want him to pay more attention to some part of your body, whisper it to him.

Communicating in bed will help your man relax and focus more on sex rather than on reading your mind!

A girl who can initiate sex

While girls are usually the coy and bashful gender, it’s always great for a man when the tables are reversed.

Do you ever initiate sex? Well, we’re not talking about the ‘can-we-have-sex’ kind of request. Have you ever sat down on your man while he’s watching the telly and dragged him to your den to have sex?

You have your own sexual needs too, and men do like it when their woman initiates a good romp. Speak your mind and share your own thoughts too. Don’t be shy, instead be brash and tell him exactly what you want. He’ll be more than happy to listen to you, and will only desire you more.

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What men like during sex and what they want in a woman
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